Your days off should be spent relaxing and enjoying life with family and friends. Don’t spend countless, exhausting hours navigating the internet for deals or sitting at a dealership haggling over price. Auto Advisors is a FREE service that takes the hassle and pressure out of your car-buying experience.


Save Time and Energy

Your Auto Advisor finds the deals for you and ensures your interactions with the dealer are painless.

Save Money

Get an additional 0.25% off your approved interest rate when you purchase your vehicle using Auto Advisors.

Full Transparency

Only works with reputable dealers and will audit your deal and give line-by-line explanations of the transaction.

How Your Auto Advisor Helps

Eliminates the Pressure

  • Your Auto Advisor helps you stay in budget. You will not be pressured to overspend or exceed the payment you are comfortable with.
  • Your Auto Advisor will serve as a buffer between you and the dealer. They will set up your test drive and meet you when signing paperwork so that the dealer does not coerce you or keep you there for hours.

Provides Convenience

  • Vehicle delivery is available upon request and you can arrange to sign your paperwork at your job!

Utilizes Industry Expertise

  • Your Auto Advisor uses their valuable knowledge of the trade to ensure you get a great deal with full transparency.

Protects Your Finances and Future

  • It can be difficult to recover from a bad auto deal. Your Auto Advisor is on your side to make sure you avoid common pitfalls and ploys encountered at dealerships.
  • Auto Advisors helps you to avoid negative equity from the beginning, or manage it if you’re already dealing with an “upside down” vehicle.


Meet Your Auto Advisor, Beth Shoup


Beth Shoup

She was a tremendous help in finding me a car with everything I was looking for. Beth made this process go so smoothly. I’m so glad the credit union has this service to help the members find a car. Thank you so much, Beth, for going above and beyond in helping me find the car I wanted. — Laura R.

As soon as I started talking to her, I knew I was in good hands. I told her what I was looking for, and she explained everything I needed to do to get the process started. She was so knowledgeable, and made sure I got the best price for the car I wanted. She also did an excellent job explaining everything to me, and made sure I understood the new car pricing in relation to invoice. I left the dealership extremely happy and satisfied. I will highly recommend this program to any FiCare Credit Union members that will be shopping for a new car. — Mitzi R.

I wanted to let you know how wonderful the experience getting my vehicle was, and how helpful, honest and professional Mrs. Beth Shoup is. It was just an excellent experience and I will recommend her to anyone that asks me for an auto advisor. Thank you very much for having people as awesome as Beth. - Cecilia P.

I wanted to express my thanks to Beth for such outstanding, excellent and professional service. Her knowledge of vehicles is extraordinary. She really knows her job well and she passes that knowledge to her customers. We appreciate the great job she did in helping us purchase our vehicle.  - Nita B.

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