Share Secured Loans

No Credit Checks

Since the loan is secured by your savings, we do not pull credit to determine approval.

Save Money

Rates for share secured loans are much lower than unsecured personal loans.

Guaranteed Approval

You won’t be turned down as long as you can provide proof of sufficient income.


What Is Your Financial Goal?

A share secured loan can help!


Build My

Keep Building
My Savings

Borrow Without
a Co-Signer

Build My Credit

Share secured loans are ideal for young adults seeking to establish credit, those rebuilding their credit after a bankruptcy, and those who simply want to improve their score.


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Build My Credit and Savings

You’ve worked hard to save. With a share secured loan, your money remains in the account and continues to earn dividends. You get the funds you need without draining your savings.


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Borrow Without a Co-Signer

Share secured loans don’t require a credit check for approval. If you have sufficient income to make the monthly payment, you’re approved. No co-signer needed! Plus, this loan can help you improve your credit, which may help you get other loans without a co-signer in the future.


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How It Works

  • No credit checks
  • No application fees, loan fees, or prepayment penalty
  • Payment history is reported to the credit bureau
  • Minimum $500
  • Maximum amount is determined by amount in your savings account.
  • Term: 120 months or less
  • The loan interest rate is determined by the rate of the savings product securing the loan.
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